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Helloহ্যালোਸਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲہیلوவணக்கம்નમસ્તે

Help us to deliver more joy and colour in the borough through free culture and creative projects.
An illustration of; a woman painting, a man pushing a child in a pushchair, a child holding a paint palette, a man playing the drums, a cat walking, a man on a wheelchair dancing, a man dancing, a woman pouring water over a plant, a woman holding the plant, a girl taking a picture using a camera, a girl holding maracas, two people dancing, a man riding a bike
An Illustration Of A Person Selling Food On A Food Stand

Apply for funding:

Got an idea for a creative project? We have £2,500-£10,000 available to get you started.

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An Illustration Of A Woman Designing Clothes On A Mannequin

Develop your skills:

We are recruiting Community Producers and also have volunteer opportunities.

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An Illustration Of A Person Using Their Laptop With Their Arms In The Air

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