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The Results Are In! How We Evaluate

gathering of the public for evaluation results event

Written by Clair Maleney (Researcher) and Ruby Carter (Research Officer) at Respeo.

At ResPeo, we collaborate creatively with organisations to evaluate their social impact. In 2022, we partnered with Colours of Redbridge to help them understand how they’re making a difference in the community of Redbridge through their work with the Arts Council.

We’ve been working closely with residents of Redbridge to shape how we evaluate the programme and gather meaningful insights. Our goal is to help Colours of Redbridge see what’s going well and where they can improve, maximising their positive impact in the neighbourhood!

We have just completed our first interim report. To do this we looked at all the surveys we had collected, all the interviews we had done with community members, and all the numbers they can recorded about attendance and engagement. After reviewing the facts we are able to say that…

Drum roll, please!

Colours of Redbridge are excelling at increasing access to arts and culture in the borough.

They have not just met but exceeded expectations, with excellent performance in half of their objectives and good performance in the rest.

We can confidently say that Colours of Redbridge are bringing joy, fostering community connection and boosting community pride in Redbridge.

While Colours of Redbridge are doing great, there is still room to grow! We suggest they focus on reaching specific groups more effectively and find ways for people to integrate creativity into their daily lives beyond events. With some fine-tuning, Colours of Redbridge will continue bringing joy and make an even bigger impact in Redbridge.

Respeo presenting in from of community members

For us at ResPeo, the highlight of this process has been working with Colours of Redbridge team who are dedicated and committed to learning and listening to the communities they work with to make a difference. A standout moment was the evaluation event that we held as part of the community evaluation group. It was inspiring to see so many people passionate about creating positive change in their community.

As Colours of Redbridge builds more momentum, we are incredibly excited to see more and bigger colourful, vibrant and joyful events in the borough, designed with and for residents.

Click the link to take a look at the condensed evaluation report: Colours of Redbridge Interim Evaluation Report


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