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About us

Colours of Redbridge is a three-year programme of community-led arts and culture in the borough of Redbridge.

It is part of Creative People and Places (CPP), a national programme from Arts Council England, where local people decide what culture happens in their area.

Colours of Redbridge has received almost £1m of funding because it is an area where involvement in mainstream culture and creativity is relatively low.

We believe that culture is a driving force for stronger communities. We will listen to community voices that are not often heard, to build a healthier, happier borough. We will help to reduce the impacts of the key issues residents face, such as the cost of living, health and wellbeing, or gaining skills and employment.

An illustration of a man on a wheelchair dancing, a woman playing the saxophone, a child holding a paint palette and a woman painting

Colours of Redbridge is led by a group of organisations who work closely with local communities

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Meet the team

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Programme Director
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Community Engagement Officer
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Community Engagement Officer
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Community Engagement Officer
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Our Values

We will listen, and try to understand people’s lived experiences. This will help to make our activities more culturally appropriate and accessible. We wish to be kind, thoughtful and approachable.
We will be honest about what the programme can achieve, and have published our business plan online so that everyone can see our approach. We understand that communities can be distrusting of outside institutions, sometimes due to past experiences. We will ensure clear communication and honesty to help build trust.
We aim to create opportunities for people to thrive, improve and grow. By taking part in one of our projects, we want community members to have a stronger feeling of their community voice and also develop their skills and ability to tackle day-to-day challenges.
We think that community views and lived experience are the key to our programme’s success. We will value all stakeholders and appropriately recognise people’s time and contributions.
Together, we want to build projects that really help to make a positive difference. Where possible we will try to improve the things that really matter to our communities rather than just our own objectives.
We want to be flexible in how we work. This will allow us to adapt to what our communities want and any changes in circumstances that they may be facing.
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